Air-Breathing Fishes: Evolution, Diversity, and Adaptation by Jeffrey B. Graham

By Jeffrey B. Graham

Air respiring Fishes: Evolution, range, and variation is exclusive in its assurance of the evolution of air-breathing, incongruously since it focuses solely on fish. this crucial and engaging booklet, containing 9 chapters that current the lifestyles historical past, ecology, and body structure of many air-breathing fishes, presents a superb evaluate of air-breathing biology. each one bankruptcy presents a historic history, info the current prestige of information within the box, and defines the questions desiring realization in destiny study. completely referenced, containing greater than 1,000 citations, and good documented with figures and tables, Air-Breathing Fishes is accomplished in its insurance and may definitely have broad allure. Researchers in vertebrate biology, paleontology, ichthyology, vertebrate evolution, ordinary background, comparative body structure, anatomy and lots of different fields will locate whatever new and exciting in Air-Breathing Fishes.

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But a man with even two women can double his reproductive success. With a harem, he can increase it a hundredfold. In fact under such ‘perfect’ conditions, a man’s sexual performance would be even further enhanced because novelty increases sexual arousal. (This ‘Coolidge effect’ is named after the president’s famous remark on being shown around a chicken farm. His wife, informed that the cock copulated several times a day, asked her host to tell the president about it. When told, her husband asked if it was always the same hen.

1986). But this personalized and introverted approach to knowledge which places resonance with the reader’s experience above the truth, generality or coherence of the argument was taken to new heights by a book that recounts the biographical memories of five women. The authors proclaim that ‘The way forward is seen through the collective understanding opened to women by the collective method of memory-work. ’ The other women of whom they speak are the five feminist psychologists who co-authored the book (Crawford et al.

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