AFV Weapons Profile No. 4: Light Tanks M1-M5 (Stuart/Honey) by Chris Ellis, Peter Chamberlain

By Chris Ellis, Peter Chamberlain

Изображения: черно-белые фото, цветные рисункиIf quick tanks can function during this [aggressive impressive] demeanour, we are going to enormously relief in restoring mobility to war: in response to the doctrine of working at the flanks and rear and during the gaps, and in forcing the enemy to make detachments to protect his traces of communications . . . and bases, we'd so significantly weaken his major forces in conflict swifter choice can be reached. Lt-Col Adna R. Chaffee (later first commanding basic of the united states Armored Force), writing as govt officer of the Experimental Mechanised strength, 1932.

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Note that ∆C N1, representing the effect of the power leakage from the bandwidth, is more strongly affected by the dispersion. (Extracted from S. Verdi and T. Sun Han, IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, 40, 1147–1158, July 1994. 2 COrreCtiOn and CapaCity under nOnlinear phase mOdulatiOn eFFeCts and memOry less Agrell et al. 26) f X ( x ); fY ( y ) ≡ probability density function These distributions must satisfy the physical definition of the expected power of the channel. That is that there exist code words of M = 2nR of length n that can used to design and obtain the channel capacity, the rate limit C N for a transmission system.

For practical and economical reasons, these coherent states can be generated by semiconductor devices and colocated active modulators recovered by high-speed PDs and optically passive and active components. The excess noises generated by the sources are also attenuated in the same amount as signals.

19. L. N. Binh, Photonic Signal Processing, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2007. 20. M. G. Taylor, Coherent detection method using DSP for demodulation of signal and subsequent equalization of propagation impairments, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 16(2), 674–676, 2004. 21. M. G. Taylor, Coherent detection for optical communications using digital signal processing. In Proceedings of Conference Optical Fiber Communications National Fiber Optic Engineers, OFC/ NFOEC 2007, IEEE, Anaheim CA, March 2007.

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