After Postmodernism: Reconstructing Ideology Critique by Herbert W. Simons, Michael Billig

By Herbert W. Simons, Michael Billig

This interdisciplinary ebook addresses the foremost questions posed by way of the postmodernist problem: Is it attainable to mirror and criticize in an age whilst each declare to fact is positioned less than suspicion? Are social critics infected by means of an identical ideological distortions they establish in society?

The textual content stories diversified responses to such dilemmas and therefore examines how you can reconstruct social concept and critique following the postmodern assault at the conventional foundations of data. even if taking a look at political critique and praxis, feminist matters, ideology or instructing practices, the contributions are united by way of the necessity to floor a brand new theoretical and political place within the absence of the foundational certainties as soon as pro

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