Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 19 by P. D. Evans, V. B. Wigglesworth

By P. D. Evans, V. B. Wigglesworth

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Biodiversity and Insect Pests: Key Issues for Sustainable Management

Biodiversity bargains nice capability for handling insect pests. It offers resistance genes and anti-insect compounds; an enormous variety of predatory and parasitic typical enemies of pests; and group ecology-level results working on the neighborhood and panorama scales to examine pest build-up. This e-book brings jointly global leaders in theoretical, methodological and utilized points to supply a entire therapy of this fast-moving box.

Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive

Being between bees is a full-body event, Mark Winston writes―from the low hum of tens of hundreds of thousands of bugs and the smelly odor of honey and beeswax, to the sight of staff flying from side to side among plant life and the hive. The event of an apiary slows our feel of time, heightens our information, and conjures up awe.

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