A Zeptospace Odyssey: A Journey into the Physics of the LHC by Gian Francesco Giudice

By Gian Francesco Giudice

This booklet offers an easy and comprehensible consultant for appreciating the discoveries which are approximately to occur on the huge Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, the world's biggest particle accelerator. A CERN physicist leads the lay reader into the realm of particle physics, from the superb technological options that have been essential to construct the LHC, throughout the speculative theories invented to explain the final word legislation governing the universe. the result's a unprecedented trip contained in the textile of subject, an exhilarating experience inside of an odd and bewildering area, during which one could enjoy the dimensions of the highbrow revolution that's approximately to take place. Does the mysterious Higgs boson exist? Does house disguise supersymmetry or expand into additional dimensions? How can colliding protons on the LHC free up the secrets and techniques of the foundation of our universe? those questions are all framed after which addressed by means of knowledgeable within the box. whereas making no compromises in accuracy, this state-of-the-art fabric is gifted in a pleasant, available type. The book's target is not only to notify, yet to provide the reader the physicist's feel of awe and pleasure, as we stand near to a brand new period in realizing the realm during which all of us live.

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