50 Quick Spooky Halloween Facts by Paul Andrews

By Paul Andrews

This ebook is a brief learn packed with Spooky evidence on Halloween. are you aware the place the identify comes from? What occurs if a bat flies over your place thrice? discover those evidence and extra during this publication!

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It is believed the sign of a werewolf is that of a longer middle finger, a unibrow, and hairy palms... The film Halloween was made in just 21 days with a very small budget There are no words which rhyme with orange, the colour of Halloween, in the dictionary It is believed that if you stare into a mirror at midnight you will see the face of your future spouse over your shoulder Some people believe staring into a flame on Halloween will allow you to be able to see into the future It is said that if a bat flies around your house three times in succession, it is a sign of death coming to the home People say you must NEVER turn around if you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween, as it may be DEATH himself coming for you In England it is thought that WHITE cats not black ones are unlucky on Halloween “Samhain” was the term originally used by the Irish to name Halloween Some people believe that originally human sacrifices were made on Halloween thousands of years ago Whilst in modern times Halloween is all about ghosts and ghouls, originally the festival celebrated the spirits of loved ones lost to death In Mexico, Mexicans celebrate Halloween as “The Day of the Dead” (El Dia de los Muertos) Some of the pumpkins people use are very large.

Copyright © Paul Andrews 2012 The right of Paul Andrews to be identified as author of this book has been asserted in accordance with section 77 and 78 of the Copyrights Designs and Patents Act 1988. 50 Quick Spooky Halloween Facts Halloween was originally called “All Hallows Evening” Pumpkins carved into lanterns are known as “jack o’lanterns” Dressing up in costumes is often known as “guising” Halloween costumes are traditionally ones depicting witches, ghosts, devils, and monsters. Trick or Treat, is a custom in which children go knocking from door to door asking for either a treat which is normally a sweet, or if the house owner does not give a treat the children play a trick on the owner.

It is believed that ‘bad things’ like witches cannot cross a line of salt, so use it to keep them out! It is said that seeing a spider on this might, is actually the spirit of a dead loved one watching over you Originally the meaning of the trick in ‘trick of treat’ did mean the child would perform a trick for the home owner In the USA in modern times, around $3billion is spent on Halloween costumes every year Often the most popular costume for adults at this time is that of a witch, with a vampire coming second Often the most popular costume for kids at this time of year is a princess, with a witch coming second The word witch comes from the old English term of meaning “wise women” The fear of Halloween is called “Samhnainophobia” It is said if you hear an owl call out on this night it means someone is about to die.....

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