21st Century Musical Instruments: Hardware and Software by Jon Appleton

By Jon Appleton

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They have plastic combs, with the exception of the Blues Harp and Marine Band, which have wooden combs. They’re in the right price range. They’re readily found in music and online stores and in catalogues. The Lee Oskar and Hohner Pro Harp and Blues Harp models have replacement reed plates available. The C-major tuning is a good starting point because it falls in the middle of the range between the highest and lowest keys and you don’t have to mess with sharps and flats right away. In the future, the first thing you’ll probably do is to buy additional keys of major diatonic harmonicas, possibly G, A, D, and F to start with.

Davey Crockett was said to have played the harmonica for the Alamo defenders (it is unclear who survived to report this). 15 Part 1 ➤ The Harmonica: It’s No Toy At about this same time, African slaves in the South were given their freedom. They had brought from Africa many diverse styles of music characterized by intricate rhythms and notes not found in European music. Africans introduced notes commonly referred to today as “blue notes” and also “falling tones” (a slurring style of singing in which the pitch of notes would drop), which today give blues, gospel, and jazz much of their distinctive flavor.

You’re probably not quite ready to be taking your harmonica apart and putting it back together, so you can just look at the following harmonica diagram: Face Plate Reed Plate Comb Reed Plate Face Plate A harmonica is really a very simple instrument. It consists of (1) two face plates, (2) two reed plates, and (3) a plastic, wooden, or metal comb. You’ll see three major parts inside the harmonica: two metal plates with reeds, and a plastic, wooden, or metal comb. Each of the metal plates has 10 slots, and thin strips of metal called reeds are attached at one end of each slot.

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